Spring Cleaning for the Mind

(NECN) - The weather is warmer in New England, and, all week, "The Morning Show" is checking out ways to help you spring clean your life.

Margaret Moore, Author of "Organize your Mind, Organize your Life" stopped by to share her expert advice on getting into the mental state possible.

1. Sweep your mind clean of frenzy.
a. HOW: Experiment with 2-3 things together (i.e., deep breathing, yoga, low-protein breakfast, etc.) to elicit a calm, fun, spirited mindset.

2. Calm your heart to calm your mind.
a. HOW: Get more exercise (early morning walks?) and quality sleep so that your cognitive function improves and new habits are well in place for a busy fall.

3. Catalog your major distractions.
a. HOW: Name them and put them in "mind" drawers - pulling them out when you choose rather than having them all open all of the time hijacking your productive time.

4. Bring your impulses into the sunlight.
a. HOW: Let your hair down and savor small pleasures when you take breaks from your focus periods. Schedule time to enjoy your impulses.

5. Improve your cognitive fitness.
a. HOW: To improve your working memory and cognitive agility, read books, blogs, and magazines, and listen to radio/TV and consider and debate points of view that differ from your own

6. Stretch your brain.
a. HOW: Use some of your improved focus to challenge your brain and learn some new skills - cook new recipes, try a new sport or exercise activity or hobby.

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