Stores Open Up on Thanksgiving Day

(NECN: Jennifer Eagan) - The turkey, the stuffing, the shopping?

For the first time in its more than 120 years, the Sears in Salem, New Hampshire and other locations will be opening its doors to shoppers on Thanksgiving Day.

They're joining other big name stories like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Old Navy, which also offer deals today.

Store managers at sears say 60 people volunteered to come in to work today for the extra holiday pay.

Of course, the thought here is the more opportunities you give people to shop, the more they'll spend.

In Massachusetts, centuries old Blue Laws ban most stores from opening. The only exceptions are convenience stores, gas stations, and pharmacies.

Some shoppers say retailers shouldn't be open on a holiday.

But if you're eager to get some holiday shopping done and don't want to leave your house, some of the best Thanksgiving deals are right online.

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