Storm Cleanup Begins in North Andover, Mass.

(NECN: Alysha Palumbo - North Andover, MA) - The massive clean up has begun in North Andover after a microburst tore through the area Saturday night.

The strong storm uprooted trees, ripped down power lines, and damaged property - leaving homeowners stunned.

MaryAnn Theriault said, "It was like a war zone."

"I went to the back of the house and I saw the chair be like picked up and just dropped," said Maeve Alterio.

"There's a great big tree across the street here, it must be 100 years old, took it right up from the ground," said Bob Kent, "It fell up the street, took all the wires down, snapped the pole right in half."

Power crews flooded the streets, working through the night and throughout the day Sunday to try to restore power.

But that wasn't any solace for Anna Scopa whose lines were ripped clear off her house.

The 90-year-old who lives alone and has a broken leg has to call an electrician to get it fixed.

"I just can't believe it that this happened to me, I'm all alone here and they can't get it fixed they told me so I don't know what's going to happen," said Scopa.

This microburst was so powerful it's like it ripped a path of destruction through the area. Take a look at Gina Muldoon's trees here in North Andover. They toppled town in a straight line narrowly missing her home.

Muldoon said, "It must have hit the house and went right around it because trees on both sides, my house is still standing besides a few things blowing around we were very lucky."

But she has quite a mess to clean up.

Trees fell on her kids' swing set, crashed into her sister's car, and crushed her swimming pool.

"If the tree went the other way it would have went into my house, lost the deck I mean we really got lucky," said Muldoon.

Next door, Nancy Smith also feels lucky.

Her husband had been out on this porch as the storm hit.

Smith said, "He walked around to the front of the house, three seconds later the tree, everything came down, but I was in that window and it was totally white, it was like a train coming through the house and it was terrifying."

But they all say it could have been much worse.

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