Super Moon Takes to the Sky

(NECN: Julie Loncich) - If you find yourself near the coast line in Boston Saturday night, your view might be impaired a bit by cloud cover. And it's a shame too, because the super moon really is spectacular. 

"In this case the super moon occurs within a few minutes of the full moon, making this one of the largest and brightest full moons of this year," said Ron Dantowitz, Director of Clay Center Observatory at Dexter and Southfield Schools.

Super moons occur at least once a year, but this moon -- which rose around 7:35 p.m. in a reddish hue -- will be the best. 

A super moon happens when the moon is closest to the Earth on its elliptical orbit. It's 14 percent bigger than full moons, 30 percent brighter, and 100 percent worth checking out.

"Everyone is talking about going outside and looking at the sky," said Dantowitz. "So go outside, look at the moon."
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