Suspect Identified in Rockland, MA, Police Chase

(NECN: Ally Donnelly, Rockland, MA) – The suspect has been identified as 44-year-old Mark McMullen and last known to be living in South Boston.

“I ducked at first because I didn't really know what was going on,” said Richard Kelly who had just pulled into the parking lot of the Rockland Massachusetts Home Depot where he works when he saw a maroon Hundai careen down the nearby highway exit ramp and try to make a u-turn.

“That's when the police took him out. They hit the back of the car and flipped it. Shortly thereafter, I mean I'm talking five or six seconds, I heard three quick shots,” said Kelly.

What Kelly witnessed was the end of a nearly 20-mile car chase. It started around 10:30 this morning in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. Plymouth County DA Tim Cruz says Boston police officers saw a woman struggling to get out of this Hundai with Connecticut plates, driven by a male suspect.

"They believe she was being kept in car," said Cruz.

"She was struck. She was injured in the incident," added Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis.

According to Mass State Police, the suspect allegedly ran over the woman with his car and then took off. With at least a dozen Boston and State Police cruisers in pursuit, he made it through the city, to 93 South, then onto Route 3 South, getting off at exit 14 in Rockland.

"The suspect vehicle aggressively attempted to evade capture and struck at least one police cruiser. The driver of the vehicle was shot by police."

Investigators believe it was a Boston Police officer that fired the shot that struck and eventually killed the suspect, who was pronounced dead at South Shore Hospital at 12:45pm.

"It is an ongoing investigation and will remain so for some time," said Cruz.

Police have not have identified the suspect, said whether or not he had a gun or revealed whether Boston Police engaged in a high-speed chase so far from the city.

"Clearly there was a woman injured when the chase started off. We didn't know what we had so officers went further than normally would have,” said Davis.

"Obviously it was a very dangerous event that had to be dealt with and now we'll deal with the aftermath and see where we go from there," added Cruz.

Boston Police have not identified the female victim in the Roxbury incident, but say her injuries were not life threatening.

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