Suspect in Fatal Stabbing of Classmate Charged as an Adult

A teen accused of killing his classmate at Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Conn. on Friday was arraigned Tuesday and has been charged with murder as an adult.

Christopher Plaskon, 16, is accused of fatally stabbing his 16-year-old classmate, Maren Sanchez, in school Friday morning.

When question about the altercation, he said, “I did it. Just arrest me,” according to police paperwork released on Tuesday.

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Officers from the Milford Police Department responded to the high school at 7:10 a.m. after receiving reports of an altercation at the school.

As a school resource officer was heading to the scene where the altercation occurred, he was called to the principal’s office and saw Plaskon, who had blood on his hands and clothing, police said.

When the officer asked Plaskon what happened, he reportedly confessed to the crime, according to police. The officer placed Plaskon in handcuffs and went to the scene of the stabbing.

There he found Sanchez in grave condition, police said.   

Authorities took Plaskon into custody and placed him in a police cruiser, where he was under guard.

An ambulance rushed Sanchez to Bridgeport Hospital, where medical staff pronounced her dead.

The medical examiner conducted an autopsy, ruled Sanchez’s death a homicide and said she died of stab wounds to the torso and neck.

Police said they recovered a knife in the hallway, not far from where Sanchez was stabbed.

Witnesses told police they saw Plaskon on top of the Sanchez and tried but failed to pull him away.

Another witness told police he saw Plaskon throw a bloody knife onto a hallway floor shortly after taking him away from the scene.

Plaskon is being held in a psychiatric facility and was placed on suicide watch.

His attorney, Richard Meehan, said Plaskon will continue to receive psychiatric care and medication, according to a statement issued Tuesday.

Upon his release from the medical facility, Plaskon will be transferred to an age-appropriate correctional center, Meehan said.

Bond has been set at $3 million. Plaskon is scheduled to appear in Milford Superior Court on May 2.

Plaskon’s family released a statement Tuesday afternoon, expressing sympathies to Sanchez’s family.

"In prayer we ask for comfort for the Sanchez family and all of us so deeply affected by this tragedy," the statement reads. "We pray for the wisdom to guide us as we desperately try to pull together the shattered pieces of our families. And finally, we pray that time may soften our wounds and reveal forgiveness in the hearts of all,” it reads, in part.

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