Suspect's Car Located in N.H.

(NECN: Alysha Palumbo - Framingham, MA) - A manhunt through three states continued Wednesday night for Matthew Slocum.
Police issued an Amber Alert Wednesday afternoon after they received credible information that he may have his girlfriend Loretta Colegrove and their young son Raymond Slocum with him.

Massachusetts State Police spokesperson David Procopio said, "Always with all these amber alerts we'd like to make an urgent plea to the public, a child's life we believe and the life of a young woman may be in the balance."

Early Wednesday evening, police located Slocum's black, two-door 2003 Ford Mustang after a credible sighting in Gilsum, New Hampshire.
But we believe police are still searching for Slocum, Colegrove and their son.

Slocum is described as a 23-year-old white male, 5'11" to six feet tall, weighing 195 pounds with swastika tattoos on his arms.

His girlfriend, 25-year-old Loretta Colegrove, is described as 5'8", 194 pounds.

The amber alert was issued because authorities believe the couple's four-month-old baby boy Raymond Slocum is in danger.

"He knows that we're looking for him and we believe he is on the run and that leads us to an important point, in addition to being a suspect in a crime of violence this morning we have information first that he's holding his girlfriend and their baby against their will, and secondly that he has weapons guns, possibly rifles in the car," said Procopio.

We do not know if those weapons have been recovered.

But Police say Slocum should be considered armed and dangerous because he is a suspect in the homicides of his mother Lisa Harrington, his stepfather Dan Harrington and Dan's adult son Josh.

Procopio said, "The allegations are that authorities responded to a dwelling fire and after extinguishing the fire found three victims of violence in that home."

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