T Riders Worried About Getting the Flu

(NECN: Jackie Bruno, Cambridge, Mass.) - We’re expecting new numbers about how many people are affected by the flu here in Massachusetts, but as of last week, 6,000 confirmed cases were reported in Massachusetts and there are likely many more unreported cases.

In Boston, the city has declared a state of emergency because so many people are suffering from the flu. Across the state, cities and towns are pushing people to get their flu shots. The state has already distributed more than 700,000 free flu shots and they are working to provide as many flu clinics as possible to get people immunized.

Meanwhile, people who rode the T Friday morning told us they are worried the subway is crawling with germs.

“I don’t want to touch anything,” says Doris Aquaviva. “People sit next to me and they cough and I go like this [cover face] and I move if it stops and people get let out… but yea I don’t even want to touch those hand rails.”

“I freak out when people start coughing and sneezing around me right now. Even with the flu shot,” says Scott Schultz.

Mayor Tom Menino tweeted Thursday telling people that everyone needs to get their flu shot.

If you still need yours, there is a list of flu clinics on our website and more information about how you can get one for free.

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