Teachers React to Newtown School Shooting

(NECN) - Some of the teachers who were inside Sandy Hook Elementary School Friday morning are sharing their memories of when they heard shots ring out.

Teacher Kris Feda was in a parent meeting near the front of the building when the chaos began.

"We gathered under the tables and just listened to non-stop gunfire happening right outside the door, knowing that gunfire was showering the hallways and the classrooms and it was non-stop," says Feda.

Teacher Connie Sullivan also recalls how the events unfolded.

"And they (students) were hearing screaming out in the hall and they were hearing more popping sounds, gun shot sounds, and the sounds over the loudspeaker, and they began to get upset," says Sullivan. "And I just kept reassuring them that they would be okay. That they were loved. That their mommies and daddies would be their soon."

The teachers say the students were amazing and while some did cry, they were quiet when they needed to be until they got to safety.

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