The Mental Health of Celebrities

(NECN) - Today, actress Lindsay Lohan will face a judge again after failing a drug test. Just two weeks ago, she was released early from rehab, but now it looks like that may not have worked.

Sarah Allen Benton, licensed mental health counselor at McLean Hospital and author of "Understanding the High-Functioning Alcoholic," says that sometimes, people just aren't ready to face rehab.

"They are forced into treatment for different reasons, their family, their publicist in the case of celebrities, the law, and they're not in a place even though they're going through the motions of the rehab process."

While outside stresses like being famous can make recovery harder, Benton says that in general, "being young and getting sober has its own set of challenges." She says there are also mental health complications that can make the process different for everybody.

If anything positive comes out of celebrity rehab stints, Benton says it can sometimes encourage other people to also seek help when they need it.

"First of all, there's a huge stigma around admitting that you have a problem," she said. "If there are celebrities that are taking responsibility for their problems, such as Robert Downey Jr., and Eric Clapton, and others, it can often inspire other people to come forward and get help."

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