Thunderstorm Wreaks Havoc in Naugatuck, Conn.

(NECN: Brian Burnell) - People in Naugatuck, Conn. are cleaning up from a thunderstorm that hit them particularly hard Wednesday.

Several streets were left impassible and at least one apartment building uninhabitable.

This apartment building in Naugatuck just one of the casualties of the flooding.  It has been evacuated, the power shut off because the basement filled with water.

The storm hit around 4pm and an hour of heavy rain was too much for this nearby stream.  It overflowed, crashing through a retaining wall, pushing big stones into the parking lot as it rushed toward Prospect Manor Apartments.  The basement has the building’s electrical connections as well as apartments. Ann Kuhar lived in one of them.

"It was like a monsoon and a river coming down through the yard and the water went all the way up the foundation,” said Ann Kuhar of Naugatuck. “All the way up the windows and the house is full of water and mud and sand and everything else and pretty much everything's ruined."

It wasn't long before it became clear people could not stay here.

"Police, firemen [were saying] get out, get out, get out, banging on everybody's door," Kuhar said.

"They told us to pack bags and get out,” said Sylvie Resto of Naugatuck. “And I was like, alright. It hurts."

Governor Dannel Malloy was here on Wednesday after the storm went through surveying the damage.

"I was at one hill where there was a 12-inch line taking water off the hill,” Malloy said. “Clearly, yesterday, it needed to be 36-inches and it blew and, as a result, doing substantial damage to the roadway there."

He could be talking about Trowbridge Place. This home video shows a street turned into a river. Crews are hard at work on several streets in that neighborhood. Back across town it is unclear when residents will get back into Prospect Manor Apartments.

"What do you do now?” Kuhar asked. “Start over."

Starting over will not be easy. Kuhar tells NECN she doesn't have insurance.  

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