Tornado Warning Passes for Denver Area

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Christina Miralla

DENVER (AP) - Denver International Airport has been cleared to resume operations after severe thunderstorms and a tornado warning grounded flights.

Flight delays of about an hour are expected Wednesday afternoon. Some flights were diverted to Colorado Springs and other airports during the grounding, and airport spokesman Heath Montgomery says more diversions are expected even after flights resume.

At least one tornado touched down in the town of Watkins, southeast of the airport, and more severe weather is possible.

The storms dropped pea- and marble-sized hail that piled up like snow around the airport. Cars slid on the hail on Interstate 70 in Aurora, and snow plows cleared the hail from the main airport access road.

Below are photos from the area:


Photo: Chad Andrews

Chad Andrews, a pilot, says he took this photo of hail on the roads near Denver International Airport.


Photo: @madeline497

Twitter user @madeline497 says this photo was taken on 470 eastbound and I-70.


Photo: Denver Police Department

Denver Police say about five inches of hail accumulated at 67th Street and Tower in Denver.

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