Tropical Storm Debby Threatens Coast

(NECN/NBC News: Jay Gray) - Another wave from Tropical Storm Debby slaps the Florida gulf coast.

Stalled in the gulf, less than 100 miles from shore, the storm has lost a bit of its intensity, but is still making an impact.

Winds are up, and so is the surf, but it's the driving rain right now that is causing the most serious problems.

Flood waters have swallowed roads and now threaten homes from Alabama through Florida.

Forecast tracks still aren't clear about where or when Debby might make landfall, but all of the models seem to agree that it won't come anytime soon.

The system is only creeping toward shore at three miles an hour, which means the rain in many areas will likely continue for days, washing away thousands of summer get-a-ways.

Some of the worst from Debby to this point, is a string of tornadoes spawned by the storm.

The twisters have been blamed for at least one death and have splintered trees and ripped away roofs in dozens of communities.

Many fear the damage will continue to unfold as Debby lingers just off the Gulf Coast.

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