Tubing Down Slopes Gives Retired Seniors a Taste of Youth

(NECN/NBC News: Matt Barcaro) - Sliding down the slopes makes just about everyone feel just a bit younger.

There's something about the snow and the slide that brings out an inner youth, and that's why this group lines up every year -- because who says a little fun in the snow is just for the kids anymore?

Thirty residents from Bethany Village Retirement Community in Lower Allen Township took turns reliving their childhoods, testing their courage and letting go.

"I had a bad knee, and the doctor said I couldn't do this,” said Mary Murphy. “I don't care about the doctor now. When you're this old, what the heck!”

Murphy was so excited to feel airborne, as she described it, she went down first.

She has done this before, but some of her neighbors, like Barbara Hilt, stepped out on the slope for the very first time, not really knowing what to expect.

Hilt said, "It's a new life, new style, and I'm doing it."

Added Nancy Bomboy, "I'm ready to do anything."

And who would've thought at 95-years-old would be one of the most experienced tubers? She does this every year.

"I love it,” Bomboy said. “I'm sorry I never did it before I came here."

And who could blame her? In the winter of their lives, why not enjoy the best youthful memory winter has to offer?

If that looked fun, you should see them in the spring -- they go floating on the Yellow Breeches Creek.

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