US Military Plane Crashes in Libya, Two Crew Eject

LONDON (AP) - A U.S. Air Force F-15 Strike Eagle jet has crashed
in Libya, the U.S. military said Tuesday. Both crew members ejected
- one was safely recovered and the U.S. military was on a mission
to recover the other one.

Vince Crawley, a spokesman for the Africa Command, says the
crash could have been due to a mechanical failure.

"We do not believe it was shot down," Crawley said Tuesday.

It was not immediately known where or when the plane went down.
Crawley said until the second crewman is recovered the U.S.'s
Africa Command would not offer further details.

The crew members were separated because they ejected at high
altitudes and ended up in different areas, Crawley said, adding
that both had minor injuries.

He declined to say who was aiding in the recovery of the
crewmember, noting that before each mission the military already
has recovery plans in place.

"That operation is taking place as we speak," Crawley said.

The Air Force has said only that B-2, F-15 and F-16 fighters are
participating in operations over Libya. The U.S.'s involvement in
Libya is being run by Africa Command, which is based in Stuttgart,

Africa Command launched in Oct. 2008 after the Pentagon
abandoned efforts to base the command on the continent after it hit
resistance among the African nations, and instead posted about two
dozen liaison officers at African embassies.

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