Weather Week: Taking Steps Against Beach Erosion

Video of Geo Tube and Sconset File footage is courtesy of Van Lieu Photography

(NECN: Tim Kelley) - The erosion along many of the coasts in New England has been accelerating over the past decade, especially in Plum Island and Nantucket in Massachusetts.

Homes on Baxter Road in Nantucket are closer and closer to the beach with every passing year.

The oceanside lots on Baxter Road that used to be 150-feet deep have eroded to the points where eight homes have had to be destroyed, 12 have been moved and all are threatened.

Photographer Dirck Van Lieu fears attempts to stop the erosion may cause the beach to disappear.

New technology has come in trying to stop the erosion and save the beach.

GeoTubes, which are long bag-like tubes that hold water and sand, have been installed.

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