Will George Zimmerman Walk Out of Jail on Bond, Again?

(NECN/NBC News: Kurt Gregory) - George Zimmerman may learn Thursday whether or not he will have his freedom once again as he awaits trial for the death of unarmed, Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

Judge Kenneth Lester is expected to hand down his ruling Thursday on whether George Zimmerman can go free on bond or if he must remain in a Florida jail.

George Zimmerman has been behind bars for more than a month, his $150,000 bond revoked after prosecutors alleged that he and his wife Shellie misled the court regarding donations made to their website.

"It was done to hide the money so they could deceive the court, lie to the court," said prosecutor Bernie de La Rionda.

"It is not the grand conspiracy the state seems to suggest," said defense attorney Mark O’Mara.

Last Friday, Zimmerman’s second bond hearing turned more into a mini-trial at times.

"I present to you the weaknesses of the state's case," said O’Mara.

The defense presented evidence that included this police video from the day after the shooting and testimony from Zimmerman's father.

"Usually the state is trying to present its evidence to keep the defendant in jail. Here the defendant was doing it in reverse trying to show how weak the state's case was to get a defendant out of jail," said former U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey.

Now both sides await the judge's ruling to see if George Zimmerman will walk out of jail on bond again.

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