Worcester, Mass. Abuzz With Signs of Spring

(NECN: Siobhan Connolly) - “There’s a hint of summer in the air,” says David Renaud.

There are signs of spring at Worcester's Elm Park. The area is abuzz with activity with Thursday’s higher-than-usual temperatures. Many say there's little signs of winter left.

“It's great,” says Tracy Murphy. “It's hard to believe that it's March and there's almost no snow left.”

“This whole park was covered with snow as of two days ago, completely covered. And now it's totally gone,” says Renaud.

Elm Park in Worcester, Mass. was full of children playing, dog-walkers and others just enjoying the mild weather and taking in the views.

For some, a day like today has them wondering if we'll see any more snow in the coming weeks.

“I hope that we don't get any snow in the spring and summer because of this,” says Renaud.

“I'm a true New Englander,” says Murphy. “I knew there was snow one April 1st so I'm hopeful, and that's why I'm out today because we've got to take it while we can get it.”

Those who had Thursday off got to enjoy the weather at parks and playgrounds. For those who did have to work, grabbing lunch at a food truck and eating at a picnic table was there best bet.

“They were using the picnic tables again,” says Mark Gallant. “It's nice to see the snow melted you know, they're sitting at the picnic tables just like spring!”

Worcester's the Dog Father hot dog truck proved to be a popular spot for people wanting to stay outdoors.

“The lines have been pretty good,” says Gallant. “At one point we had it almost out to the street.”

Thursday’s weather gave owner Gallant a big boost in business and now has everyone reflecting on the mild winter we've been having and what's in store for spring.

“Last winter was horrible. You couldn't even see the truck the snow was so high, but this year it's been beautiful, just wonderful.”

“I'll take this kind of day all throughout the rest of it,” says Murphy. “So far, so good.”

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