Worcester, Mass. Firefighter Jon Davies Remembered

(NECN: Kristen Carosa) - Worcester, Mass. firefighter Brian Carroll lost his best friend and partner, Jon davies on December 8, 2011.

"It wasn't easy," said Carroll. "I was pretty emotional last night"

He, along with 60 other firefighters, took part in a ceremony Sunday night to remember him.

"I still miss him," said Carroll. "It hasn't been easy. It's been a long two years."

The community gathered in front of the three-decker on Arlington Street where Davies died in the line of duty. Carroll helped hang a wreath on a fence surrounding the now empty lot.

"A lot of people came out - not just firefighters, but many from the community," said Worcester Deputy Chief Geoffrey Gardell, who helped organize the ceremony.

Gardell says it's been a tough week for the department.

"We just remembered the 14th anniversary of the six firefighters we lost on December 3, 1999," he said. "And now, five days later, the line-of-duty death of Jon Davies."

Gardell says next year, the ceremony could take place at the Franklin Street Fire Station when Davies once worked.

The department is now raising money for a permanent memorial.

"We don't want people to forget," said Gardell. "It's a true testament to his life. We want people to remember."

T-shirts are being sold with all profits going toward creating the memorial. The community can drop off donations at any time at the Franklin Street Fire Station.

Carroll says having the memorial will help keep Jon's memory alive.

"It's important that we remember - you never want to forget," said Carroll. "A memorial will make it easier."

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