Worcester, Mass. Hit With a Lot of Snow

(NECN: Scot Yount, Worcester, Mass.) – One of the areas that saw the most snow from this quick moving storm was Worcester, Mass., and the people who live there say they’re not surprised.

"Well I knew it was gonna snow and you never know how much and this is pretty sticky and heavy, so it is kind of hard to move, yes it is, yes it is," said Jay Wailgum as he used a shovel and snow blower to move the overnight snow out of his driveway.

Worcester will almost always have more and heavier snow than the communities to the east, like Boston.

"Always seems to be a little bit wetter, heavier, in this area, course we can't get the rain but we get the snow," laughed Wailgum.

"Oh it is heavy today and that makes it harder of course," said Dave Gain, who was shoveling a local gas station sidewalk.

All across the region, people were digging out and while lamenting how heavy the wet snow was, grateful that there wasn't more.

There was some five inches around the city in some spots, much better than the last storm.

"I've seen a lot worse, just want it longer more snow, a longer day the last one was a 10 hour day this one is so far only five, so it is a lot easier," said Gain.

And it will pay less. Both tow trucks and plows bank on big storms to pay the bills, the plows moving the snow, the tow trucks moving cars that may block the plows.

Still, there is a lot more winter ahead, and after the light winter we had last year, lots of people are preparing for the worst.

"Well they say it is supposed to be pretty bad, not too much complaints right now but we will find out I guess," said Wailgum.

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