Worcester, Mass. Hotel Racks Up 700,000 Bill With City

(NECN: Katelyn Tivnan) - The Hilton Garden is racking up a hefty bill with the city of Worcester.

The property's owner owes the city more than $700,000 in fees for parking at a nearby garage.

The fees have yet to be paid because a pedestrian foot bridge connecting the hotel to the garage was never built.

The municipal garage on Major Taylor Boulevard is across the street, and Monarch Enterprises owns the property. Monarch's Paul Picknelly says the bridge was part of signed agreement between the company, city and city council back in 2003.

"When you looked at the needs and city dollars needed for infrastructure, schools, etc., the priority to put a bridge so people wouldn't cross the street was not a priority," City Councilor George Russell says.

The original cost estimate for the bridge was close to $2.5 million, but later turned into a roughly $8 million project.

"From what I see, the hotel is doing okay with parking proximity is working for them, I hope they just pay their bill," Russell says.

Monarch believes the bridge is necessary for the hotel's success and is a contractual obligation for the city.

In a statement, the city manager says "We are aware they are holding those payments until we come to a conclusion and closure on the once-proposed skybridge. We will be working to bring this to conclusion in the near future.

Meanwhile, Monarch says they believe an agreement can be reached.

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