Worcester, Mass. Residents Have Mixed Feelings About Snow

(NECN: Mike Cronin) - Following higher than average temperatures, old man winter made a quick return to central Massachusetts.

"I don't dislike the snow, but I’m ready for spring."

"You have to like the snow, I think, to live in New England,” says Elaine Bissel.

Worcester residents were busy shoveling their way out late Wednesday morning. They have mixed feelings about the snow.

"I like snow, I like New England, I have family that's in the ski business, so that's nice."

"It's getting heavy and it's too heavy to shovel now, so I’ll have to take it easy and have my wife do it,” says Bart Simone.

Department of public works director Bob Moylan says city plows hit the road at six in the morning.

"Initially, it was a little bit light and then all of a sudden, it just came down very quick."

He says city streets are in good shape and some neighborhood streets may still be snow covered - but overall he thinks the cleanup went well.
Moylan is asking people to be careful driving as DPW prepares for the evening.

"It could get a little slippery on side streets, but we'll be treating those streets too, we'll be in a sanding operation,” says Moylan.

He says he hasn't seen many car accidents - in large part because he says people are now familiar with winter conditions.

"They seem to have those skills back and so we haven't seen any of that this storm."

Worcester public students had the day off from school. For some, it was a chance to come out and enjoy the day off.

"Well I was pretty excited because it was a long week and it's just nice to have fun on an average day,” says Devante Wentworth.

"It's been fun since it's been snowing because we've been going sledding here,” says Charlie McMahon, who was sledding at the Quinsigimond College hill with siblings and friends, including his sister Francie, who was excited about the thrill of sledding.

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