A Break In the Pattern

Showers took their sweet time pushing offshore this afternoon. We managed to get a couple of hours of sun before it set, a sure sign of things to come in the next 5-7 days.

Not the sunset, the sunny streak.

We're in for a real treat, in fact. A big high pressure system will build into the Northeast and Southeast Canada over the next few days. This high could have evolved into a stubborn block that locked us in warmth and sun for a week or more, but it's not stable enough, and should eventually crumble early next week.

So we'll make hay while it's here. Expect a number of sunny days with a painstakingly slow warmup. At issue here is the wind direction. If you've lived in New England long enough, you know about the cooling effects of the sea breeze. A whiff of wind off of 45 degree water can (and often does) drop us from lofty summer warmth back into early spring chill in a matter of minutes.

So 40s will hold until late week along the immediate coast, while the inland communities warm well into the mid and upper 50s.

The game changer comes when high pressure slips offshore by late this weekend. That's when we swing the 50s out and bring the 70s in!

A mere wind shift is all it takes.

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