A Cool Slant to The Forecast


The weekend is here and we're facing a 50/50 proposition. Dry one day and wet the next. Nothing special about this forecast, but it's not like we're exactly looking for summery weather in late April either.

Despite an increase in clouds, we'll manage to hold off the showers tomorrow. Clouds from a decaying weather system in Western New England will increase throughout the afternoon, however. Cool breezes off the water will penetrate well inland, but not before we hit 60 in the suburbs and across Northern New England - at least away from the coast.

Rain will sweep down the Pike from west to east early in the morning Sunday. Maine will be the last holdout, probably not seeing the first drops until early afternoon - or even late day closer to Portland. Rest of us will be "treated" to a good soaking Sunday. Close to 1/2 inch of rain is possible by the time the storm wraps on Monday afternoon.

Speaking of next week, the trend has been to cool it down and keep it wet. Big dip in the jetstream could even spin up a coastal storm toward the end of next week. Certainly something to watch for in this less-than-ideal late spring pattern.

Make it a good, safe weekend.

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