A Little Peace and Quiet

Well, that was just what the doctor ordered Wednesday. Tons of sun and a semi-mild temperatures. Highs reached into the mid 40s across much of Coastal New England - from Maine to Southeast Massachusetts. There were a few more clouds - and cooler temperatures - across the rest of New England.

But it really wasn't the airmass that made it pleasant. It was the sun. We've turned the corner in that sense. From now until late spring, whenever the sun is out, it will add at least 10-15 degrees to the "feel" of the actual temperature. That's the higher sun angle working its magic.

Overall, the pattern remains quiet. A warm front will approach by the weekend and give us a slew of clouds and a shot at some showers Saturday. As it passes, the temperatures will shoot up into the mid and upper 40s. They should hold there through Sunday as cold air remains lacking across New England.

And that's the key to next week's forecast. Still uncertain of the track of a major storm on Tuesday night and Wednesday, but without arctic air around, we can't definitively say it will be all snow. At this point, it has all the markings of a good ol' fashioned nor'easter, but the rain-snow line will be hard to pin down until we get closer.

Suffice it to say, however, that this could be the first major regional snow, even for all of New England. Translated: Vermont, northern New Hampshire and Maine could finally get a winter storm.

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