A Return to Drier Weather

Odd day today. Storms fired once again (with some reaching severe limits across Southern New England). This despite the sky looking pretty bland and nondescript. Goes to show you really can't judge the clouds by the skycover.

More thunder may roll through overnight, waking you up out of a sound sleep and showering some town and cities with rain. Unfortunately, like we've seen all too often this summer, this seems to be the last wave of water for quite some time.

Drier weather comes in on a gusty northwest wind tomorrow. This will drop the dewpoints throughout the day and make the air more comfortable. Once again, the heat will bear down. Highs should top the mid 80s in Southern New England and around 80 in Northern New England.

That seems to be how the days will unfold into the weekend. Highs near 90, with cooler 80s in Northern New England and along the coast from Cape Cod to Cape Ann and Coastal Maine/NH. Super beach days straight into Sunday.

Still eying the possibility of cooler air reaching us after Monday. It's a pattern shift of sorts, but not one that will deliver us from this unforgiving drought.

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