A Soaker and Snowmaker

A wild stretch of weather is ahead. We have the warmth and downpours overnight Wednesday, the cool-down Thursday and then two possible snow events in the near and long term.

Whew. Hard to keep track of what's going on. So let's take it from the top.

The backside (read dry) of our weather system is still over the Finger Lakes of Western New York as of Wednesday evening. That means we'll still be in the wet weather into Thursday morning. Waves of rain will wash over us in the next 12 hours, with brief downpours thrown in for good measure. It's not until mid-morning that we can talk about drying in Greater Boston and Worcester, and not until early afternoon on Cape Cod.

Temperatures are rising steadily through the night as well. The normal low for Boston is 23 - our temps will climb to near 60 (!) before dropping a bit by morning. It's outrageously mild for this time of year, all thanks to a mild south wind.

With a cool front crossing first thing in the morning, our temperatures will steadily drop through the day. We'll start in the 50s and head for the 40s late day.

More cold moves in overnight Thursday, while at the same time, our weather system is stalled offshore. A little wave of low pressure will form offshore and toss some light rain onto the Cape. As more cold is transported in, most of that rain will turn to snow. Small accumulations seem plausible given the marginal cold and limited moisture. These systems can be sneaky, so stay tuned for updates.

What seems more likely is the storm on Tuesday. Cold in place? Check. Jet stream in the right place? Check. Storm moving along the coast? Yep. It looks like a plowable snow for many, and with the highest tides of the month (thanks to the new moon), we'll watch the coastline, too.

Guess winter is back!

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