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Attendees at North End's Procession of St. Agrippina Blessed With Rain Shower

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Boston's North End celebrated their annual Procession of St. Agrippina on Sunday, despite the heat and the rain. Moving down the stone-paved streets of the North End, music could be heard, but so could the sound of thunder.

"We were on our way to the feast on Hanover and we saw the black clouds," said Sam Marino, a participant in the festival. "We saw the black clouds and all of a sudden there was lightning, and then it came down and we were stuck here."

St. Agrippina, a central figure in the festival, is coincidentally the Patron Saint of thunderstorms. And for many at the festival, she brought down a shower that many had been praying for.

"I know the festival is important," said participant Anna Arenillo, "But... it's mostly done anyway. But we really needed this rain. It's so hot."

The sudden downpour took many by surprise given the scorching heat that was present throughout the day.

"It feels good," said Olga Levin. "Yeah, we'll take a soaking... everyday!"

"If it rained the next two days I won't care," continued Marino.

Although it was good while it lasted, the rain didn't stick around. Festivities resumed, and people continued the celebration.

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