All-Clear Given After Hazmat Incident in Mass.

Police say they recovered a cross bow, pellet guns, rifles, powders, and fuses from the Lawrence home on Exchange Street

All is calm and quiet in Lawrence Sunday evening, but that was not the case earlier in the afternoon.

For hours, a hazmat team and bomb squad were on the scene after the discovery of bomb-making materials.

Neighbors, forced out of their homes, watched as investigators searched the Exchange Street apartment.

Forty-year-old Daniel Stadelman lived on the third floor of the Exchange Street building until he passed away in May. His mother came to clean out the apartment, found what she believed to be handguns, which she did not want, and called police.

"When the Lawrence Police arrived at the scene to take possession of the handguns, they found some other items that concerned them," said Methuen Police Chief Joe Solomon. "What was found in the house, separate from the firearms, were some powders, which we can't discuss the types of powders. And there were some fuses that would normally go to hobby-building."

Following an extensive search of the unit and the basement, police say no actual completed bombs were discovered.

"It does not appear to us at this time that the person, prior to being deceased, was involved in bomb-making, however, the materials are consistent with materials that would be used in bomb-making," said Solomon.

Police also recovered weapons, including a crossbow.

"Two pellet guns, two rifles, and a small amount of ammunition," said Solomon.

Police say despite the discoveries, they don't believe the public was ever in danger. But they say they had to take the necessary precautions.

"We have run his history, and nothing in his history shows that there is something we should be concerned about," said Solomon. "But in today's day, you can't be too cautious."

Authorities responded to a hazmat incident around 10 a.m. in Lawrence, Massachusetts on Sunday.

Police say they recovered a cross bow, pellet guns, rifles, powders, and fuses; however, there was no fuel, bombs, or a pipe bomb.

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