Back To The Status Quo

It was quite a shell-shocker in Northern New England today. A small, potent weather system zipped through and fed off of unusually cold, dry air to produce a general 2-4 inches of snow from Burlington, Vermont to Portland, Maine. In some cases, the plows were out as the roads and landscape took on shades of the Christmas season...

...just days from May.

Thankfully, it's easy to establish seasonal law and order simply by bringing back the sun. Which is exactly what is in store for the coming days.

Sprawling high pressure is building in from Ontario and Quebec in the coming days. It will keep the temperatures in check - hovering near or slightly below normal - and invite the sea breezes in along the coast. It will also ward off any approaching storms later this week, only allowing some thin cirrus clouds in on Thursday and early Friday.

In fact, this pattern has legs into the weekend. Weak reinforcing shots of cool air will keep us from mounting a serious warmup, but I think we'll be fine in the sunshine department.

Multiple frosts are in the forecast in the coming mornings. Still not a good time to plant or seed outside. Give it until at least next week.

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