Basketball Brawl Crowd Could Not Be Subdued: Police

New details have emerged in the Daniel Webster basketball game brawl in Nashua, New Hampshire, on Saturday.

As was previously reported, Daniel Webster's Marquise Caudill,22, allegedly attacked a player from the Southern Vermont College team during the game. He also attempted to threaten the intervening police officer John Hannigan.

At the same time, another Daniel Webster player, Antwaun Boyd, 23, attempted to incite the crowd to keep Hannigan surrounded.

Cell phone footage of the fight shows some of the scene but, according to Nashua police, the chaos continued long after the footage ended.

"The benches cleared and it turned into this wild scene," explained Nashua Police Lieutenant Craig Allard.

Hannigan was initially the only police officer in the gym, and Allard said the crowd started threatening him. He was forced to leave for his own safety and called for backup.

"The officer made the correct determination to back himself out of harm's way," said Allard on Monday. "He deserves a lot of credit for what he did."

According to Allard, it eventually took 25 police officers to get the crowd under control.

Three arrests were made as a result of the fight.

Boyd was arrested for disorderly conduct and Caudill was taken into custody for second degree assault. Additionally, one fan, Elizabeth Morris, 23, of Malden, Massachusetts, was arrested for allegedly interfering in Caudill's arrest.

After the incident was over, Daniel Webster College's Twitter page announced this would be the last men's basketball game in the school's history.

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