Beautiful Sun and Dry Air Coming to an End in New England?

Showers will make a return to the region

The recent slow moving weather pattern that has graced New England with several days of sunshine and dry weather is starting to move a bit - and this means showers make a return to the region.

Increasing moisture producing thickening clouds and areas of South Coast fog yield developing showers today - particularly during the afternoon through the evening, when pockets of rain and even some embedded thunder is possible.


Overnight, rain exits but lingering moisture at ground level will probably result in areas of fog lingering through sunrise Saturday.

Sun quickly burns through any fog Saturday, and that ample sun will boost temperatures into the 70s for an epic start to the weekend! Saturday evening scattered thunderstorms will march across the region from west to east, marking the front edge of noticeably cooler air that sweeps in for a fair, breezy and brisk Sunday with high temperatures about 15 degrees cooler than Saturday.


The air aloft will be so cool Sunday, in fact, that clouds will bubble up with some scattered showers of rain...mostly in Northern New England where mountaintops may see some snowflakes mix in by Sunday evening!

Next week starts cool and fair, then a chance of midweek showers and late week showers with seasonable temperatures ahead of what looks - at least from this early vantage point - to be a nice weekend after Friday night showers next weekend. We'll keep you posted.

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