Bermuda Braces for Joaquin’s Impact

Damaging winds and coastal flooding will impact the island Sunday night

hurricane joaquin sunday 9

Hurricane Joaquin remains a formidable storm as of early Sunday morning, but it continues to slowly lose organization as it swiftly moves northeastward through the Atlantic.

It will make a very close brush with the tiny island of Bermuda tonight, with tropical storm or even hurricane force winds likely in many areas. A storm surge will also likely result in coastal flooding. Bermuda will be impacted by what’s known as the right-front quadrant of the storm, notorious for being home to the strongest winds and most dangerous surge.

From there Joaquin will continue to weaken as it curves out over the open Atlantic.

In New England, the only impact from the hurricane will be offshore, where seas will remain stirred up for the next several days as swells from the storm arrive.

Meanwhile, historic flooding and rainfall continues in South Carolina. While not directly related to Joaquin, the tropical downpours are partially being fed by the storm. 

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