Tsarnaev Lawyers Defend Use of Juror Quotes to Move Trial

As nine more jurors were brought in for individual questioning during jury selection in the marathon bombing trial Friday, the real drama played out not in the courtroom, but through court filings.

Attorneys for suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev strongly denied Judge George O'Toole's characterization that their renewed filings for a change of venue were "improper."

At issue, is the use of excerpts of answers from confidential juror questionnaires.

In those excerpts, for example, one juror called for "public execution [of Tsarnaev]...by bomb...at the finish line" while another juror said, "we all know he's guilty so quit wasting everybody's time with a jury and string him up."

Defense attorneys stood by their filings saying they "did no more than what the court does each day in its voir dire of potential jurors."

Meanwhile, Friday's voir dire process yielded several jurors who said they were able to be impartial on guilt or innocence and open to a penalty of death or life, but there was one juror accused of lying on her questionnaire.

Attorneys said she reported a "lack of relevant social media use" but they found her Twitter account on which they allege she gave "an obscene statement of exultation" when Tsarnaev was arrested.

The court accepted defense concerns that she may have been trying to be on her best behavior to get on the jury and "carry out that emotion."

So far 81 jurors have been questioned individually. Judge O'Toole has yet to rule on he change of venue motion. Jury selection continues Monday.

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