Boston Mother Accused of Using 8-Year-Old to Shoplift in N.H. Faces New Charges

A Boston mother accused of forcing her young son to steal from a Kohl's department store waived arraignment at a New Hampshire court Friday.

Rockingham Superior Court Friday. Salem Police say what she did a few months back, they've almost never seen before.

"You definitely shake your head and you can't explain it," said Capt. Joel Dolan.

Just minutes after being arraigned on a separate shoplifting charge in Salem District Court, Salem Police say 33-year-old Adelaida Jordan, a resident of Boston's Roxbury neighborhood, was stealing again. This time, they say she went into the Salem Kohl's and forced her 8-year-old son to push a cart full of stolen items out of the store.

"They leave the courthouse and before they go back to where they live, they're committing another crime," Dolan said. "Even as much as we see, that's pretty rare."

Police say they caught Jordan, her 18-year-old niece and the boy on surveillance video.

"She's acting as a lookout and she actually directs them and you can see her give a hand motion to them to start walking and leaving the store," Dolan explained.

Authorities won't release the footage of the Dec. 21 incident at Kohl's because Jordan has now been indicted on felony shoplifting charges and endangering the welfare of a child.

Police say her little boy is their biggest concern.

"To have the parents engage them in an outright crime and use them as a vessel to commit that crime, it is certainly disturbing,"

Jordan's son was released to family members.

Her lawyer declined to comment Friday, but told necn Jordan is due back in Rockingham Superior Court at a later date.

Jordan's niece, Chabellie Cruz, faces charges in Salem District Court.

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