Boston Police Commissioner William Evans on Combating Terrorism, Keeping Ride Share Passengers Safe

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans joined necn Wednesday for the latest edition of "Boston's Top Cop," covering topics from security on the Fourth of July to the opioid epidemic to regulations on guns and ride sharing services.

Evans explained how the department works to combat lone-wolf terrorists while making sure the Islamic community is not abused.

"We're not going to tolerate any anti-Muslim vandalism or any retort," he said, adding that the department works frequently with the Muslim community. "But all we ask is if they see someone who's acting irrational, who has some real radical views and is talking about any destructive acts, that they reach out to us."

“It’s pretty sad. All we’re asking is for fingerprint,” William Evans said of the proposed ride share regulations that lobbyists for Uber and Lyft are fighting.

The department is also calling for ride sharing services to enact regulations to keep passengers safe.

"It's pretty sad. All we're asking is for fingerprint," Evans said. "It troubles me that they're paying all these high-priced lobbyists to come in — look at the merits here. We started fingerprinting taxi drivers about four months ago."

According to Evans, in that time, police in Boston have found a rapist, an attempted murderer and someone who had sexually assaulted a child among taxi drivers in the city.

"That's the type of stuff we check with a fingerprint," Evans said. "There's no ulterior motive here why we want fingerprint other than public safety. I don't know why Uber wants to fight it, it takes all of five or 10 minutes."

William Evans explained that going down to the beach with his extended family was his favorite summer activity growing up in Southie.

Finally, Evans answered some questions about himself — including his favorite summer activity growing up in South Boston.

"Going down to the beach, with all my aunts and uncles, and all the family being together," he said. "That was special."

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