Boston’s 4th of July Changes Impacting Tourists, Residents

Many are making adjustments to their traveling, celebrations

There was a rush to set up at the Esplanade Wednesday, and some changes in plans for many, as the Fourth of July celebration and fireworks show in Boston now happening a day earlier.

"We just found out when you told us," said one Michigan Resident in town to attend.

"Years ago I watched the Boston Pops on TV, and we had nothing to do this 4th, so we said why not give it a try," said Mary Heins of Michigan.

Other tourists are making minor adjustments to their plans, including one family in from Georgia.

Karen Stewart said, "We're just adjusting to it, the only thing we had scheduled was Friday at to see the Red Sox play...We hope that's not a problem, we hope they're still playing!"

For some, the change in date actually works in their favor, including one woman who was scheduled to leave for D.C. on Friday. She can now take part.

Others are worried about traffic, including one Boston resident who's leaving town Thursday to head to the beach.

Depending on who you ask, people have differing opinions on what the change will do to the crowds.

Event organizers say the 1 million they expected to attend on Friday is no longer. Some, though, think the Esplanade will be even more crowded with two nights of festivities now crammed into one.

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