Bringing Back the Warmth

Bringing Back the Warmth

Strongest winds on the back side of this storm system were this morning. Not surprisingly, the frequent gusts over 40mph all day finally took their toll on some tree limbs today. There were brief, isolated power outages along with some fallen trees.

Now the wind turns around to the southwest tomorrow and the warm up begins!

Is it that simple? Pretty much. Warmer air is lurking just to our southwest across the Ohio Valley. With full sun, it's easy to see how we make it near 60 tomorrow, and near 70 on Thursday.

But there are caveats. Cooler air is expected in Southeast Mass. with highs in the 50s - or even 40s on the Islands thanks to the southwest wind. Highs in Northern New England won't be as warm either. Expect highs in the low and mid 60s (still not too shabby) on Thursday.

A slow-moving cool front will drag its feet across New England Friday. Expect frequent showers to culminate in a few downpours by afternoon and evening. That's one front out of the way.

Another one comes in Sunday, and it means business. Few snow squalls may punctuate the arrival of the arctic air (yes I said arctic) as it passes in the morning. Temps will struggle to make 40 all day, and we'll see temperatures fall through the 30s across Northern New England.

It now appears that this cold will last through early next week (instead of exiting after Monday), with highs only in the 30s and a chance of some light snow on Tuesday.

It appears winter isn't going without a fight.


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