Transition to Wintry Pattern Continues

It was nice to have a little less wind today, but now we're all getting a little bit colder.

The last time Boston Logan airport was below freezing was Thursday, January 19. This is one of the longest January thaws in decades. The longest one I can remember was January 13-23, 1995.

This January has many similarities to that January, there was also severe flooding in California, and a major sleet storm in New England.

But the weather works like a pendulum, now we are swinging back toward cold, and perhaps snowy in the 10 day forecast.

Temperatures tonight cooling through the 30s to about 32° in southern New England, and down to about 20° far north.

Our old sleet storm from last week continues to sit and spin over Labrador, pushing colder and colder air our way, and also mountain snow.

Reports from the northern mountains of Vermont are 10 to 20 inches of snow have come down so far, continuing tonight and tomorrow.

But for most of us, it's just passing clouds with a few flurries, a few snow showers possible tomorrow afternoon though, as another weak from pushes in from north to south.

High temperatures tomorrow in the 30s, to low 40s south.

High pressure from Canada gives us a brighter and less windy day on Monday, high temperature in the 30s once again.

A fast-moving clipper system comes across the Great Lakes into New England later Tuesday and Tuesday night. That means increasing clouds Tuesday, highs again in the 30s, with snow developing at night.

Occasional snow is likely on Wednesday for most of New England, with a few inches possible, high temperature in the lower 30s.

Groundhog day Thursday looks like a mixture of sun and clouds with a few flurries and temperatures close to 32°.

Colder but mostly dry weather is likely to be here for next weekend, before a potential coastal storm in about 10 days.

This is winter, part three.

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