Broadside: Warren Tolman on Democratic Primary for AG

Tolman will face Maura Healey in the Sept. 9 primary

Warren Tolman (D) is the primary candidate to fill Martha Coakley’s shoes as the Massachusetts attorney general. He joined NECN to discuss his stance on current issues in the Bay State.

Tolman was a co-sponsor of the law that created a 35 foot buffer zone outside abortion clinics. He said that as attorney general, he would communicate with advocates and work for a solution.

“A woman’s right to make her own health care decisions is fundamental,” Tolman said.

Tolman continued by explaining why he opposes the repeal.

“I like the component of allowing individual municipalities to decide if they want casinos in their communities,” Tolman explained. “Local control is important.”

Tolman continued by saying that he believes Boston should be a host community to the potential casino and proposed his views on being reliant on gambling revenue in Massachusetts.

In addition, Tolman discussed Martha Coakley, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, and his opponent Maura Healey.

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