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Arrest Made After Explosions in Bristol, NH

Police have arrested a male suspect following explosions more than a week ago in the town of Bristol, New Hampshire.

Bristol police did not name the suspect, but say that he is facing several charges. They also say that the investigation is still ongoing and that there could be more arrests coming. 

On October 7th, police received hundreds of 911 calls from Laconia to Lincoln to Orford reporting loud explosions when a person shot at 150 pounds of tannerite, a substance used to create explosive targets, about two miles away from the Bristol airstrip.

"We also received calls for home invasions — people thinking that their doors were being kicked in from the rattling of the explosion," said Bristol Police Lt. Kristopher Bean.

No one was injured in the explosions.

"The Bristol Select Board takes very seriously the situation that happened last night," a town spokesperson said in a statement.

Police say the adults involved have been identified and charges are likely. They add that those involved were doing it "for fun."

After the explosions, hundreds of 911 calls poured in from the area, including some who thought their home was being broken into.

"The bang was so loud the entire building shook, it literally felt like the explosion is right outside the window," Tom McCusker, a father of two children from Bristol, said. "It sounded like a bomb had detonated right outside my house."

Neighbor Susan Colby said her house also shook.

"It almost sounded like someone had shut the bulkhead doors. It's like slammed shut," said Colby.

Fifteen miles away, resident Alex Fleming said he also heard the blast.

"I just heard a loud bang and it woke me up. I just thought it was, like a gun, shot," Fleming recalled.

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