Child Finds Loaded Gun in Diaper Bag

Child's grandmother forgot she placed the gun in the bag

A toddler at the Helping Hands Child Care center in Beebe, Vermont, discovered a loaded handgun inside of a diaper bag Tuesday.

Ivy Crowe, owner and operator of the care center, told police the gun was found inside a bag belonging to a 17-month-old girl. The child's grandmother apparently had forgotten that the gun was in the bag.

The child immediately brought it to the attention of the staff after unexpectedly stumbling upon the gun. Staff members immediately alerted police and the parents of all the children.

State trooper Erika Lavallee contacted the Vermont Department of Children and Families. According to a DCF case worker assigned to handle the incident, the child's grandmother placed the gun in the bag prior to leaving her house and forgot to remove it upon arrival at the daycare.

The grandmother was very upset over the situation.

The handgun was on safe, in a holster, with a safety lock strap to prevent it from being fired.

Helping Hands implemented a new policy as a result of the incident. No diapers or backpacks will be allowed inside.

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