City Pushing Forward After Tornado Causes Over $2M in Damages

The tornado in Revere, Mass. tore through buildings

(NECN: Justin Michaels) - Tuesday is best described as the calm after the storm. It’s a beautiful day, giving the city of Revere, Massachusetts, much needed time to start to clean up after a tornado tore through part of it.

Mayor Dan Rizzo said, "To see where the city was yesterday and to see where it is today is nothing short of amazing."

Monday's EF-2 tornado stretched two miles down Broadway removing every American flag from every light pole on that stretch. But that's just a small piece of the damage sustained in this city of 55,000 Bay State residents.

Ralph Boyd, of the Red Cross of Massachusetts said, “The community here is incredibly resilient, they stick together, they help one another."

Mayor Dan Rizzo said 65 homes and businesses were damaged and that number is expected to go above 100 as people assess the damage.

Rizzo said, "We will continue to send teams and special services personnel around the city."

Early estimates of city buildings show as much as $2 million worth of damage. Private homes and businesses have not been tallied yet.

But no matter the cost, at the end of the day, when the storm clouds dissipated, there were no major injuries or deaths during the four minutes this tornado ripped through Revere.

Rizzo said, “It’s amazing to me that while a couple people were injured that a storm, an EF2, and EF1 tornado coming down our central business district at 9:30 in the morning on a workday, and nobody was killed or more seriously injured is really a miracle."

A miracle, considering parts of the city can best be described as looking like a war zone.

The tax deadline in Revere has been extended to Aug. 4 and the city is waving building permit fees so people can immediately begin building and repairing their homes and businesses.

As far as long term, an emergency services center will be set up near City Hall and a fund will be set up for any donations that come in.

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