Clerk Stabbed While Fighting Robber

The victim's son suffered a similar attack a few years back

A Concord, New Hampshire convenience store owner is stabbed while protecting his store from an armed intruder.

The surveillance video is tough for Atul Shrestha to watch. It shows his dad, Dhruba, fighting for his life and his livelihood.

"I am glad he is not hurt seriously," he told NECN Monday.

Atul didn't want to go on camera, but tells us his father was stabbed in the hand during the robbery, and was in surgery Monday evening.

Police say at about 2:20 Sunday afternoon, a man in his forties wearing a hoodie and black and white sneakers entered the store and approached the owner.

"He made a threat, something like, 'do you want to die today,'" said Police Lt. Timothy O'Malley.

When the suspect reached for the cash, Shrestha reached for the two sticks he keeps behind the register, hitting the man hard enough to send him running.

"To see something like that it just makes me kind of sick," said customer Chris Emerle.

After more than a decade of ringing up groceries, Shrestha's loyal customers have become his friends.

"He's a very nice man," said customer Dick Boulay.

By Monday there was a stack of get well cards from customers for a good man, caught in a bad situation.

"We wanted to let him know that we care about him," Emerle said.

"If anyone is a dollar short he let's you go," said Robert Hartman. "He'll give you the world, he will do anything for anybody."

The victim's son suffered a similar attack inside the store in 2010. That suspect was arrested and put in jail. Customers hope the same thing happens this time around.

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