Manchvegas Shooting Suspect Ordered to Be Held Without Bail

A judge in New Hampshire has denied bail for a suspect in a deadly shooting.

Thirty-four-year-old Justin Moura is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Tanya Hall. A Tuesday hearing focused on the circumstances, as Moura has admitted to firing the fatal shot.

Prosecutors say Moura shot Hall in the back as her boyfriend, Jeremy Winslow, drove away from a confrontation outside of the Club Manchvegas Bar & Grill on March 2. Defense attorneys contend Moura accidentally fired his gun, and say Moura told them that Winslow threatened him.

Moura's attorneys say he is cooperating with the case.

Judge Amy Messer ruled Wednesday the state met its burden to show "the proof is evident or the presumption great" on the charge and that Moura shall be held without bail.

A tearful Winslow pleaded not guilty himself when he was arraigned in court last week on drug and driving charges filed in connection with the shooting investigation. Hall's mother filed a restraining order against Winslow after he allegedly contacted her at least 14 times since her daughter's death. In the court documents, she said she was afraid Winslow would try to take custody of Hall's son.

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