Coastal Storm Takes A Swing

Weekend is upon us, and a familiar scene will play out: one day is dry, and the other wet.

It's a pattern that has repeated more than a couple times this spring. And while it's better than having two wet days in a row, it's not the most ideal setup. Saturday is the day we stay dry, and while we "hurry up and wait" for the rain to arrive, our storm will be winding up in the Mid-Atlantic states.

The track brings this late-season storm far off Nantucket, but we'll be close enough for the rain shield to glide through Southern and Eastern Connecticut and then throughout most of Eastern Massachusetts. The one area that may come out with just a few drops? A swath of real estate from Portland, Maine to Orange, Massachusetts...and all points in between.

North of that line, there will be pop-up showers and possible downpours in the afternoon Sunday - and that's simply from unstable air. It's just too far removed from the storm for any direct effects.

Meantime, on the Cape and Islands, the rain will come down...hard. Up to 1-1.5" of rain may fall through Sunday morning. Coupled with winds gusting to 40mph, we have the makings of a nasty morning Sunday.

The storm will move east swiftly Sunday afternoon, with some possible drying, but the surface winds and upper atmosphere will conspire to keep the clouds around. What's more is that this upper level feature will stew through Monday and Tuesday allowing for more showers and cooler than normal temps.

That may be temporary, however. The long range charts are bullish on heat from the middle to end of next week! 80s will be possible along with some humidity.

Time to dig out the beach chairs.

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