Brisk Now, Rain and Snow Showers Thursday

We'll settle the winds out on Wednesday, but the chilly air will keep highs a solid 10-15 degrees below normal

A brisk day for all of New England today, even though most of us see sunshine between building clouds with snow and rain showers in northern Maine.

The culprit delivering a late autumn chill is a steady northwest wind, gusting to 30 mph at times, creating wind chill values in the 40s and 30s north at even the warmest time of day.

Overnight tonight, winds quiet enough to allow temperatures to drop below freezing under a partly cloudy sky for nearly all of New England. While urban centers of southern New England may remain above freezing, a frost is still likely in those cities – you’ll want to bring in any plants you care about saving.

Expect another very cool day Wednesday with late day wispy clouds heralding increasing moisture ahead of a Thursday storm system that will bring developing rain showers for many… but a burst of snow is possible Thursday for northern and extreme western New England, with more than a few inches possible in higher terrain!

Elsewhere, it’s a much needed rain Thursday into Friday morning, then another disturbance Saturday evening to Sunday morning, with gradually moderating temperatures through the rest of the exclusive 10-day forecast.

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