Cold Wednesday Night, Mostly Sunny Thursday

Once again we have frost and freeze advisories in effect for New England Wednesday night. Under mostly clear skies with light-wind and dry air, radiational cooling will generate low temperatures in the 20s and 30s for much of New England.


Though we are in a cold air mass, temperatures can recover to near 60° during the afternoon. Tomorrow may not be as bright as today, but we do expect temperatures to climb through the 50s by afternoon. Each afternoon we may expect a cooling seabreeze for residents near the shore as temperatures may fall back into the 40s.

On the weather map, the large storm in the middle of the nation generating snow on its northside, and severe weather on its south side, is mostly blocked from coming to New England.

The air high in our sky is coming from Canada, bringing high-pressure and chilly air through the weekend.


During the weekend we will have a minor disturbance coming in from the north, and a powerful ocean storm to the south.

This will result in more cloudiness over for Saturday and Sunday, but it looks like we should stay mostly dry with continued cold nights and mild afternoons.

By Monday we will be on the verge of that wet system from the middle of the nation trying to come in to New England, but it will still be fairly cold here. So once again, we have to introduce the possibility of some late season snow in our high country by Monday afternoon into Tuesday.

Yes, we know that is the month of May, but we have seen it before, and we may see it again.

The latest accumulating snow on record in Boston is May 9, 1977. And of course who will forget that memorial day snowstorm in New York, that mostly missed New England, in 2013.

It's too early to say, but for now we will leave those late season snowfall records intact.

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