Coming Out of the Clouds – But Not Before Another Round of Precipitation

It's been a while since the sun has shown its face. (Glimpses on Wednesday don't really count.) And it will be another day or so before we see it again.

Small storm is forming off of New Jersey tonight. It promises to throw more clouds and showers over us into Saturday - especially across Southeastern Massachusetts, where the rain will be steady for the first part of the day.

Cold air is limited, so I'm not going overboard on a freeze-up tonight. Certainly may be some isolated slick spots in Northern New England, but in terms of reaaching freezing in Southern New England, it seems a bit of a stretch given the thick clouds/fog and light mist.

As that storm intensifies tomorrow night and heads for Nova Scotia, the "wrap around" snow will also pick up in Northern Maine. Winter Weather Advisories are posted for up to 4-8 inches of snow in The County and as far south as Millinocket. Meantime, in Southern New England, we slowly dry out and sun emerges on Sunday. This won't be enough to repel the cold, however. Highs will still be a bit below normal as we hover in the low 40s.

Next week we're tracking two separate bursts of rain: one on Tuesday and another on Thursday. When the dust settles, we could come away with 1-2" of beneficial water. This will certainly be enough to put a dent in the drought, but it remains to be seen exactly where the greatest amounts will fall.

Plenty to sort out in the days to come. Have a great weekend in the meantime.

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