North Station

Here's the Change Coming for Commuter Rail Riders at North Station

Eventually, the MBTA plans to roll out the same changes at Back Bay and South Stations

North Station

Beginning Saturday, Commuter Rail passengers will need to use new electronic fare gates to enter and exit North Station's concourse, part of an effort by the MBTA to overhaul how it collects fares from riders.

The new gates that will begin operation Saturday at North Station's concourse, and will work similarly to fare gates on the MBTA's subway lines that riders may already be familiar with. The major difference is that passengers will have to scan their physical or digital ticket both to enter and to leave the concourse.

The MBTA says the new gates will allow the agency to improve its fare collection, be more consistent across transit modes and eliminate platform-door ticket checks.

Eventually, the MBTA plans to roll out the same system at Back Bay and South Stations.

Riders should still be prepared to show their ticket to the conductor while onboard, and will need to remember to save the ticket in order to leave North Station's concourse. Riders who arrive without a ticket will need to buy one.

The MBTA is still developing the configurations for the gates at South and Back Bay Stations. North Station has 30 gates around the concourse, including nine wider ones that are accessible to wheelchairs.

Additional information is available on the MBTA's website.

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